The Authors & Illustrator

D. L. Merkle, Ph.D.

Author D. L. Merkle, Ph.D. created The Story of Mary the Caterpillar one night for her daughter, co-author Sophie W. Merkle-Claytor. At Sophie's demands for the story, she wound up telling it for several years, and documenting the inspiring tale so its message could continue into Sophie's later life. Dr. Merkle is a biochemist, business owner, inventor, and author who resides in Fort Worth, TX.

Sophie W. Merkle-Claytor

Co-author Sophie W. Merkle-Claytor, a teenager when The Story of Mary the Caterpillar was published, was a toddler when her mother first told her about Mary's adventures. Sophie's contributions to the story allowed the tale to develop into a book. Sophie enjoys tap dancing, singing, art, and reading, and, like Mary, has big dreams and high hopes.

Wendy Bopst-Streif, M.A.

Illustrator Wendy Bopst-Streif, M.A. is an educator and counselor, whose lifelong pursuit has been teaching and counseling Pre-K and elementary students. Ms. Bopst-Streif uses creative, inventive, and enjoyable methods focusing on art to impart knowledge to her students and to enhance their learning and problem-solving skills. Ms. Bopst-Streif created the gorgeous and colorful world in which Mary goes on her exciting adventures. Ms. Bopst-Streif lives in Jacksonville, FL with her spouse, many children, several pets, and art supplies.